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There are several health and cosmetic benefits to having straight teeth. However, traditional orthodontia can be bulky, noticeable, and uncomfortable. The brackets and wires on every tooth can be seen clearly when you smile and can rub against or poke your cheeks, which causes irritation. For some, the drawbacks of traditional orthodontics are significant enough that they often fail to get the service in the first place.

However, the Cary, NC dental practice of Dr. Mark A. Jones has a different solution to the problem of teeth straightening. Park West Dental can help the people of Cary, NC get the straight teeth they desire in a discreet fashion with ClearCorrect.

The ClearCorrect System

ClearCorrect aligners are made of a clear plastic that is virtually unnoticeable when worn. When you smile, no one will see brackets and wires, as with traditional orthodontic treatments; all they will see are your natural teeth. Moreover, the aligners are made to match the exact shape of teeth and are comfortable to wear. ClearCorrect aligners are also sturdy, resist staining, and are easily removable when it comes time to eat or brush and floss so you can maintain a good oral hygiene routine. The end result of orthodontics with invisible aligners is healthy, straight, and beautiful teeth.

The Process for Getting Clear Braces

The first step to getting ClearCorrect invisible aligners is to ask Dr. Jones if you are eligible for this treatment. Though invisible aligners are able to help most people, there are some rare cases where traditional orthodontics are the most effective treatment. Once Dr. Jones has established that aligners will work to correct your concerns, he will take intraoral scans of your smile and create a plan that fulfills your teeth straightening needs.

Next, the digital scans are sent to the ClearCorrect laboratory, which will fabricate the aligners, per Dr. Jones’ prescription. Once the aligners are made and sent to Dr. Jones, you will receive the first clear tray to wear for a specific amount of time – typically two weeks. Each aligner shifts your teeth into a position that brings you closer to a straight smile. Once that aligner has repositioned teeth into the correct spot, our Cary dentist will trade out the current aligner for the next one, further repositioning teeth.

This process repeats until you receive the final step in treatment: a clear retainer, which helps to retain the position of your newly straightened smile. Park West Dental is proud to help patients get the smiles of their dreams with ClearCorrect invisible teeth aligners.

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