Root Canal Therapy

Saving Teeth from Extraction in Cary, NC

Dr. Mark A. Jones has performed several restorative dental procedures to bring his patient’s smiles back to life. Root canal therapy is one of the most effective of these procedures, halting the need for losing teeth or living with toothaches. Park West Dental provides root canals in Cary and all surrounding communities.

The Need for a Root Canal

The reason a root canal is necessary is because tooth decay has reached the inner pulp of a tooth. This bundle of nerves and blood vessels cannot resist decay as effectively as the enamel or dentin can, making the loss of this part of the tooth all but guaranteed. If allowed to decay, the pulp will cause the loss of the greater tooth as well. Without a way to remove the pulp alone, the whole tooth would have to be extracted in order to save the rest of the smile.

Root canals enable our Cary dental practice to save your smile without removing an entire tooth. This therapy safely removes the pulp and seals off that tooth from further decay.

Dental Emergencies

As cavities reach down into the internal systems of teeth, the pulp reacts with sensations of discomfort and sensitivity. The infected pulp causes pain when its tooth bites down or comes in contact with food at high or low temperatures. This uncomfortable sensation is often sharp enough to become a dental emergency.

If you are experiencing an intense toothache, call Park West Dental at 919-677-0995 immediately. We will schedule you for the next available dental appointment to treat the source of your toothache, including providing a root canal to remove all decay from a tooth.

Who Can Be Helped by Root Canals?

People of any age are at risk of their pulp receiving an infection, making root canal therapy a potential source of relief for anyone. However, as we get older, our respective dentition becomes harder to protect from oral bacteria, resulting in cavities and internal tooth decay occurring much more often.  Root canal therapy is subsequently a great way to help older patients hold onto their natural smiles for a lifetime.

Call Us for Root Canal Therapy

Park West Dental provides root canal therapy in Cary, helping all local patients restore their smile to full health. Call or email us today to schedule your next appointment and save your teeth from decay.